Thursday 19 December 2013

Changi Butterflies

Faced with a 10 hour daytime layover in Singapore, we'd usually head in to town and explore a bit.  However, we had a perfectly good time just enjoying the free theme park that is Changi International Airport.
On the one hand, Singapore Airlines cheaps out a bit by proving a cushy lounge for their Real business class passengers, and shunts all the Star Alliance Gold frequent fliers into a second-rate holding pen that satisfies their contractual obligations to the scheme.  It doesn't even have toilets, let alone showers.  But it does have lots of free food and self-service drink.  So the essentials are covered...
On the other hand there's lots of free goodies for everyone in the terminal.  There's dedicated darkened sleeping areas with comfy recliners.  There's a free movie theatre showing a non-stop schedule of the latest films.  There's even a huge multi-level butterfly garden to explore.  Not bad.
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