Tuesday 13 August 2013

Kauai - Settling in on the North Shore

Coming around to the North Shore and actually seeing the glistening waterfalls in the green sheer mountains and the soft sandy beaches with warm water has actually made this all so much more real - and awesome!

Yes, it felt a bit bonkers to be making serious oaths for our marriage license application - led by a Hawaii state official who was a woman with her hair soaked in chemicals and perm rollers in her day-job's office: a hair salon above a bar.  All whilst that 80's Chic song, Le Freak, (awwwww freak out!) was on the shop's radio.  Of course no freaking out happened, and after a 5 dollar fee (cash - no receipt) to the offical in rollers, it's all good.  Woo!

However checking out our chosen beach spot was just awesome.  You know how often when you go to a beach, you really want to think that it's perfect - but it's really not? Perhaps it's just a bit too windy, or there are sand flies, or the sand is too hot, or it's not really that warm, or the sea spray is everywhere, or there's seaweed stinking nearby, or or or or... But at Tunnels - it really is just about right.  So stoked!

Speechless...It is breathtakingly beautiful! I can't wait for everyone else to arrive.
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