Saturday 17 August 2013

Around Kauai in the sky


The little chopper had two passengers, one pilot, zero doors and immeasurable views!  Awesome checking out the Waimea Canyon, the Napali coast, streaming waterfalls, and our wedding spot on tunnels beach...  Amazingly good fun and we both loved the ride - feels like a flying dune buggy, as it's so tiny and the visibility is so open.  We got right into the crags of the napali coast as if we were flossing the island's teeth and dropped right into the crater of the island's oft-hidden volcanic summit.  Woo!

Also drove right around the island as far as we could go via glass beach to points long after the tarmac ends and the sandy tracks begin on Polihale beach for sunset. Beautiful.

Wow- what a ride! As the little bubble took off it was very bumpy and the tail wind was over 110mph; after the initial thrill of being in the helicopter the queasiness kicked in... The feeling soon abated as we flew straight into Waimea Canyon and hovered in between, so close it felt like you could reach out and touch the land. As we flew over the sea and the Napali coast, I really felt the freedom and the perspective of a sea bird soaring in the sky and the island was everything I had seen, imagined and more. It is the only way to see the island as only 15% of the accessible on land. The combination of the fluted ridges along the coast, and the azure sea were stunning. We went straight over the beach we are getting married on and saw the coral reef from above. Next on to the waterfalls, the shots used in many movies. Seeing Kauai in the air, really is the only way to see the island.

In the evening we went to visit Hanapepe town with their small art fair. It was quaint with fairy lights, music, food and art stands. We had a hot dog and got a coconut pie to eat with the family. 
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