Monday 23 June 2014

Drakensberg Mountains


Staying at the Ampitheatre Backpackers in the Drakensburg was unlike any experience I have had in a backpackers lodgings so far! The panoramic view of the Northern part of the Drakensburg was incredible and the hot tub in the bar wasn't too bad either! At the Royal Natal National Park we enjoyed sunning ourselves sitting on giant boulders taking in the views and silence and dipping our toes into the small streams from the Tugela River. 

The following day we visited Cathedral Peak and saw dramatic views of the mountains from the Cathedral Peak Hotel whilst having a spot of tea and cake. The mountain is known as Little Horn by the local people. Two of the peaks - the inner and outer horns - seems to show the outline of a kudu's head with its spiral horns in the clear sky between them. There was a lot of wildlife to spot in the grounds including bush buck, sun birds, butterflies and locusts!

Feels wonderful to be back in the Drakensberg.  Back in '97, it seems that I'd go hiking up here almost every weekend with the University of Natal Mountain Club.  Those backpacking trips hiking along narrow grassy paths, scrambling up rock faces and sleeping in caves in the mountain's care form some of my fondest memories of that time.  It's great to come here with Phillippa and share that familiar tranquillity again.

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