Saturday 31 May 2014



Beautiful green cliffs and vertical valleys characterise Reunion. Right to the edges, the volcanic rock forms an impossibly dramatic landscape - and the interior must be awesome with three giant "cirques" or giant calderas as if giant ice cream balls have been scooped out of the top of the island.

It's easy to compare this to Kauai- with its absence of coral reefs and awesome surf pounding against the exposed yet verdant formations, and an interior that is virtually impenetrable.

We didn't see much of the interior at all - short visit - but what an amazing place to see.  There's a huge population considering how so much of the island is uninhabitable, and wide beautifully paved autoroutes belt the whole thing.  It's a full department of France, and I can definitely see why this would be an island to hold on to!

In the evening we visited a bar and sampled a selection of 6 pretty potent "rhum arrangés". Well it is the place to drink rum! Not so good for my head the next day though...

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