Thursday 3 April 2014

Beaches of Brazil


Excellent to get back to the beach, and Brazil's beaches are a pretty good way of doing it!  From the soft puffy sand and clean waves of Barra de Lagoa in Florianopolis to the buzz of Ipanema and Copacabana in Rio to the beautiful coves of Buzios and Arraial du Cabo - it's quite nice indeed.  Also great to be back under the water with a few dives in Arraial.  Check out the colours on that false flying fish!

I was very happy to be back to the beach life, after two months in Patagonia and Antarctica! It had been too long since I had worn my flip flops and shorts, and it felt great to finally remove my walking shoes in Florianopolis. I enjoyed eating mint choc chip icecream and sushi in Flopo and gave surfing a go. Rio was an exciting city where we: drank coconuts on the beach in Ipanema, checked out some chilled Brazilian beats in a tiny bar called Bip Bip, and some samba beats blasting from various bars on the streets in Lapa and saw Christ the Redeemer just as the sun was setting. In Buzios, a very glamorous beach town, we watched the people go by whilst eating pizza and I got some new havianas (the only footwear to wear in Brazil!). We may have been warm on the beach, but diving in this part of the Atlantic Ocean felt pretty cold in comparison to the South Pacific. 

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