Monday 3 February 2014

Tierra del Fuego


Everything all came together on one day when we booked our Antarctica trip and also got a great deal on a 5 day trip down to Cape Horn and up to Punta Arenas. The boat included three course meals, an open bar and two zodiac boat shore excursions every day- result! It was a fantastic boat and we felt very comfortable in our luxurious cabin where we had someone make our bed three times a day! It was brilliant to sail around Patagonia and see some stunning blue glaciers, flora and wildlife. We were lucky enough to see Cormorants with their chicks, Skuas, Vultures, Condors, Oyster Catchers and a huge colony of Magellan Penguins on the last morning. It was fascinating to watch: a baby Cormorant who had fallen from its nest whose fate was sealed, fluffy baby penguins moulting and the adults interacting and a Skua who was injured desperately trying to hunt for food around the Penguins' dens. I got pretty used to being greeted after an excursion by a man serving out hot chocolate and scotch. A nice little tipple when one has been out exploring in the cold!

Pretty awesome - especially with the great hikes, wildlife, awesome 4-course gourmet meals, and free bar.  And the HUGE last minute discount - we paid less than 1/4 the fare of some others in the same-sized cabins.  This trip plus our upcoming Antarctica trip still came in under our original budget.  And did we mention free bar?

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