Saturday 16 November 2013

Sealife on the Liberty - Tulamben, Bali


Torpedoed at sea by the Japanese in WWII, the crippled USAT Liberty was being towed to port when it began to sink.  To salvage what could be saved, it was beached here in Tulamben, in the NE of Bali.  It did eventually sink though - as two decades later the island's big volcano erupted, pushing the ship into the sea.

It's now encrusted in half a century's worth or corals and sea life, but lies just a stone's throw from shore.  Pretty convenient to be able to explore the wreck - then just walk right out of the sea to a hot shower a few steps away!


It was awesome diving in Bali- led by our fabulous instructor Wolf! Ty and I really got into muck diving (no that is not a euphemism for anything dodgy!) It was incredible to look closely at the corals and underneath rocks to see tiny glass shrimp, ghost pipe fish, cleaning stations, nudibranchs and so much more. The night dive was fun as we saw an octopus and various other critters.

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