Friday 1 November 2013

Bonjour Monsieur Scaramanga


"He has a poweful weapon. He charges a million a shot.
If you want to get rid of someone - the man with the golden gun!"

The song has been running though my head all week in anticipation... Ko Tapu, James Bond Island.  Cool!!!

The iconic island was hardly ours to explore alone though - access is through a full day's tour including kayaking through the karst caves to "secret" lakes in the middle of islands, a "cultural visit" to a village built on stilts (check out the floating soccer pitch!), and a cave temple overrun with monkeys.  Actually enjoyed the whole day, though I was initially suspicious of the heavily commercialised tour.

Mega cool pokey up rocks! Plus the James Bond theme tune is epic. Unfortunately the film doesn't live up to its location or the tune. 
The two of us had a mini canoe trip around the karst rocks and through narrow low entrances into caves which was fun. 

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