Sunday 20 October 2013

Yangon aka Rangoon aka Dagon aka a-complex-arrangement-of-linked-circles-and-dots

After a super comfortable journey on a bus we arrived in Rangoon in the early evening to see many of the pagodas decked with twinkling candles. The taxi we got in to was blasting Burmese/ Euro beats from his stereo whilst driving through the city, past lights, fireworks and parades of people. The restaurants and tea shops were packed. It was an electric atmosphere and definitely awesome! Unfortunately the rest of the city didn't quite live up to the energy of the festivities. There were dirty crumbling colonial buildings and cracked pavements with open sewers. Needless to say I didn't really take to the city. However, I did enjoy visiting the huge golden pagoda as the sun set and later on sitting on plastic children's chairs at one of the street icecream shops eating traditional Burmese sweets whilst Ty had an icecream. I grew quite partial to Burmese sweets.
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