Monday 7 October 2013


Milling about in the backpacker ghetto of Khao San Road seems like kind of a touchstone for both of us – it’s not exactly a nice place, but it’s a mutually understood quantity that we've both dealt with plenty of times before.  It’s chaotic, but it’s a familiar and easy chaos with top people-watching.  And it never seems to change. At all. For better or for worse...

One day we visited Terminal 21 in Sukhumvit, a large airport themed mall. Ty absolutely loathes anything to do with shopping (he is shopping phobic), but to his credit he spent the whole day in the mall and enjoyed it! Each floor is based on a different city and has themed bathrooms; London is designed as a tube station and on the London floor we got to see a Beatles tribute band.  How many people can say they had a day’s entertainment checking out themed lavs on each floor!

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