Wednesday 4 September 2013

Mellow Maui


Taking it easy for 4 days on Maui - stayed in a cheap'n'cheerful timewarp 1970s faded resort in Keihi with plenty of earthtones interior appointments and "the only Maui-shaped pool on the island".  Well, that was the clincher!

We visited some beautiful gardens that had mega plants; including the enormous orange hibiscus.  It was lovely to have some peaceful days after the intense Kalalau trail.
One day we did a drive around the western part of the island which was along windy roads on the cliff edge. It was one narrow lane with no fencing along the side of the road with sheer drop offs into the ocean. This reminded me of Crawler's ledge but the drivers experience!

Oh and guess who we saw at the airport as we were waiting to get onto our flight to Maui- the mute Japanese dude! I absolutely cracked up when I saw him.
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