Thursday 29 August 2013

Kalalau Trail - Home to Hanakoa


So after the relaxation it was time for hiking and wild camping. I knew it would be intense as I had never done anything like it before, but I was up for the challenge . After leaving the bliss of the Tiki Hut we walked with our packs from Haena Beach Park (where we got married) to the start of the Kalalau Trail at the end of the Road. It was very hot but we were kitted out with our water and lots of snacks to keep us going. As we started the trail there were lots of people who were doing day trips on the first part. Many of them were wearing flip flops or didn't have any water and were badly prepared. After about around 2 hours we came across a couple; the man was dehydrated and feeling poorly so we stopped and gave him some bananas and water.I felt like we had done a good deed. As the trail got steeper and we had to clamber over higher rocks, there were less and less people. Many day trippers wished us luck. 

The views of the beaches and the sea were spectacular and gave me the energy to keep on climbing. The trail climbed higher and higher and around half way we reached a beautiful spot where we stopped to lookout; above us a huge rock jutting into the sky which looked like a gorilla. We thanked the gorilla and continued. On the way a man darted past me. I saw that he had no shoes on and when I looked again he was completely naked apart from a small back pack. What a nutter! The sun was so intense but we kept on going. My back pack got heavier and heavier, so I gave it to Ty who carried both for a while. It didn't seem to affect Ty at all who was carrying most of the heavy gear. 

We finally reached Hanakoa after around 5 and a bit hours. This halfway point was 6 miles but felt more like 20. It was a pretty spot in the jungle and near a large waterfall. Bug heaven. We set up camp and cooked our meal of noodles and wieners. Beige food was to be the staple over 4 days. Whilst at Hanakoa we spotted the Korean/ Japanese mute dude who had been on the beach on our wedding day, at the breakfast place the morning after our wedding and walking down the street as we drove by on another day. It was too many times to be a coincidence, we wondered if he may possibly be some kind of spirit. 

I was proud at what I had achieved on the first day, and didn't ache too much, but the next day it hit me. I couldn't sleep as I had nightmares about the infamous Crawler's Ledge and I had sun stroke and some dehydration. I was not a happy bunny and feeling like I had got myself into something way above my capabilities. Here I was in the jungle, half way. I had to either turn back or carry on...

Beautiful day hiking along the Napali coast in and out of numerous valleys - each more awesome that the last.  We decided to take it easy and relax around the Hanakoa valley campsite for 2 nights instead of missioning on to the beach.  The green valley was a great place to explore, as there were very few people around, and it felt very relaxing to be amidst the jungle and cools streams.

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