Friday 23 August 2013

Welcome to MillerStorm!!!


Coming to The old mill in Koloa has been the fulfilment of a six-year quest: a true pilgrimage for my brother and I to the inspiration for the hallowed Sugar Rush MSPR track...  And to blast around the land on Buggies and ATVs - is just too much!
Phillippa is a pretty good sport - but this may have been pushing it!  Nevertheless, we all enjoyed the roaring about on the narrow, muddy trails following Del (the Hawaiian Lara Croft on her ATV steed) through 25 miles of jungle, canes and tunnels to a beautiful remote waterfall.

Welcome to MillerStorm- the real deal! I could take part as I was officially a Miller. This was the reason that we came to Kauai to get married, a computer game. I had never seen anyone as excited as Ty as we drove up to the Sugar Mill; he was hyperventilating, shouting 'Oh My God!' and 'this is the best thing ever!' He quickly had to back track when I asked him if it really was the best thing ever... As we roared through the fields, a tunnel, puddles and past beautiful scenery I did start to think that it was good fun. I was covered in dust- on my cleavage, face, up my nose but it didn't matter as we got to wash it off in a lovely waterfall. Towards the end of the tour I got to drive the buggy and when Kennon broke down on his ATV, I didn't stop, just kept driving, skimming right by the side of his vehicle... When Ty asked why I didn't stop, I replied 'this is MotorStorm!'

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