Wednesday 7 August 2013

Leaving London


Our last night was spent at the Shard, viewing the spectacular panoramic view of London. We said our goodbyes to the city at sunset, followed by beer and sashimi at Feng Sushi, the restaurant where we had our first date. We had come full circle; our London life was finishing where it had started and our new adventure beginning.

After an hour's snooze we got up at 3am to get the taxi to Heathrow, with our golden map (a present from Ty's students) to guide the way. At 0500 we toasted the start of our adventure of awesomeness (the moon part comes later) with free booze in the airport lounge.

The taxi was bang on time at 0330, and I'd just finished "packing" and cleaning out the room - but it's all good.

Checking in for our flights to Lihue was a bit worrying, as the trainee check in agent at the Austrian Airways desk had no idea what to do with our bags.  Her automated system could only print lablels for three segments until the final destination.  For us, there were no less than FIVE segments of flights between London and the Garden Island lined up involving four airlines, an 18 hour trans-national layover in Canada, and a 37 minute connection in LAX... So, we wound up with little scraps of sloppily handwritten paper all stapled together and taped to the bags as they headed off on the conveyor belt.... Would they turn up 51 hours later on the carousel in Hawaii?

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